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Why Choose The Urologist

In this day of information age, patients have access, via the Internet and other means, to more and better information about health care than ever before. Informed patients are focusing upon trustworthy, credible sources of healthcare information. One such source is The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), a not-for-profit organization which assists 24 approved medical specialties in evaluation and certification of physicians. One such specialty is Urology. The ABMS is recognized as the “gold standard” in physician certification which means better care for patients.

The Urologist”, Dr. Agha, is Diplomate American Board of  Urology, with extensive training and specialized experience.He has special interest in the treatment of  Prostate Diseases, Men’s Health, Urinary Incontinence, Male Infertility, Vasectomy and its Reversal. He offers minimally invasive treatments for many urological conditions

There are many good urologists in Chicagoland but “The Urologist office” distinguishes itself for quick appointments, short wait time, 24/7 answering service, courteous staff and excellent urological care. There is a 90% chance that you could be seen within the same week if you are willing to travel to one of the three office locations.